Intellectual property

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1. Statement of rights

The website and the website content © AlExpress CIS Holding PTE Ltd., 2019-2024, save for the information posted by Sellers and third parties.

All rights to images, trademarks and other signs belong to their rightful owners and copyright holders.

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If you wish to report an exclusive rights infringement

We respect others' intellectual property and we intend to deal with its infringements on the Platform. In equal measure, the same should apply to Sellers who list products and information on the Platform.

We assume that users of the Platform comply with applicable laws and third party requirements when listing and selling goods.

If you notice that someone infringes your intellectual property rights on the Platform, you may notify us, so that we can take appropriate action.

Your request should contain the following information:

1. a description of the infringement, namely

· which rights have been infringed;

· an evidence of the infringement of your rights;

· a subject of your claim;

· a direct link to the URL of the listing in relation to the goods, infringing your rights.

2. Documents evidencing your rights;

3. Documents evidencing your authority over the intellectual property object.

4. Your contact details for communication.

We may ask you to provide additional information to consider your matter.

Your request should be sent to We will not be able to consider the request in the absence of the necessary data.

In order to protect the interests of both parties, we may redirect your request to the Seller who listed the disputed item. When you submit the above information, materials and data to us, you understand that such data may be disclosed to third parties against whom you have made a complaint. By submitting a request to us, you

(1) confirm that you consent to the processing of data for the purposes of resolving your matter and agree to the Platform's privacy policy.

(2) confirm that you have obtained relevant consents from third parties to provide us with material and information

(3) are authorised by the rights holder to represent their interests.


The object of infringement

Examples of documents for evidence of rights

· Trademark

For example, someone uses your trademark for their products or you have found a counterfeit item

· Trademark certificate

· A letter of consent from the right holder for the sale of goods shall not be deemed as an authorisation of the right holder.

· Patent

· Patent for invention, industrial design or utility model

· Copyright and other infringements

· Original files;

· Contracts with the author or other right holder (an author's order contract, a contract of alienation, a license contract, other);

· Certificate of deposit

Which matters we do not consider:

1. Matters without the links to a particular infringement;

2.Matters relating to the relationship with the distributor, including exclusive distribution - such infringements are not subject to infringement of exclusive rights;

3. Selling by third parties of goods that have already been put into civil circulation in the country.

We do not give legal opinions and/or advice on the application or interpretation of the law.